"One of the biggest issues globally is that girls are not being valued outside of their
bodies. Their value is still found in their fertility, their sexuality, their ability to work
as labor. But they are not being seen for the value of their minds and what they can
bring in terms of ideas, the way men are seen." 

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unfassbar. unfickbar.

This band is everything.



heute bist du nicht bei mir 

und ich 

bin nicht.

morgen bin ich bei dir 

und du

bist ich. 

lass ma die welt retten.

mittwoch vielleicht.

Dear you.

I threw away your toothbrush.

I tried.

You know I did.

by Puria Safary

come back romance. all is forgotten.

Weil Sommer. Du weißt. 

I'm sorry I can't.

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne